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”Sometimes a Surma man will paint the girl to whom he is attracted. This provides an excellent opportunity not only to perfect his painting technique but also to get to know the woman of his desire. This man uses a stalk of green grass to apply paint made from pulverized leaves mixed with chalk and water” | Image and caption ”Painted Bodies” by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

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Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, detto Sandro Botticelli, pittore (Firenze, 1º marzo 1445 - Firenze, 17 maggio 1510), probabile autoritratto, particolare de l’adorazione dei Magi (Italian painter, Florence, March 1 1445 - Florence, May 17 1510, alleged self-portrait, detail of The Adoration of The Three Wise Men, Uffizi Gallery, Florence), Firenze Tuscany, Italy (1475)

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